Wic (amarvincitomnia) wrote in weirdocentral,

obscure and aloof

i'm having a moment of delirious disconnectedness.
i am conscious of typing and breathing. nothing else. i'm feeling lazy enough that i could quit the breathing, but a tiny part of me is mildly amused by my bellying moving up and down with inhalation and exhalation too.
it is an eternal cunundrum (?)-to breathe or not to breathe, that is the question...
everything is boring in my world right now. ::fiona apple sings "nothing's gonna change my world..." from 'paper bag':: i'm itching to see the last three days of school dispear in front of me.
i think i'm like a flower- i cant stretch and thrive with out warm weather and proper nutrition...atleat now that it's may i'll be getting the sun light, even if i still survive off of nicotene, caffiene, and ramen noodle spegetti.
mmmmm....ramen...i think im hungrey.
okay. i'm done mumbling.
sorry, this was completly pointless, guys.
remembering to breathe,
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